Superbrands Kosovo


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Posted on February 29, 2016 at 23:09 PM

“EMONA” is a limited liability company, wholesale and retail trade enterprise. The company origins dates from 1976. This makes “Emona” one of the first private enterprises established in Kosovo. Its establisher is Myrtez Mikullovci, at the same time the one that paved the way of its development. Under the brand “Emona” the company operates since 1989.

Always keeping, developing, and cultivating the tea drinking tradition in the Kosovar territory, “Emona” cared to import the considerable amount of tea from Sri Lanka with the purpose of fulfilling the taste and the needs of the highly respected clients of the company.

Beside the classic tea (riinfuz) that is the leader article of “Emona”-s, there are a lot of types of filter tea known for their quality and flavour. Both groups together brought the company recognition, prizes, and medals in various international valuations.